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Walk with Starr:5K-A-Day Challenge

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Happy May! 

Summer may be canceled but no need to neglect our mind, body, and soul. During these challenging times and new normals, lets get out and get moving! Join Organize Kaos as we attempt to complete 3.1 miles everyday for 30 days in May. 

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Join the Challenge

Walk or Run 3.1 miles everyday for 30 days

Get Creative

You can achieve miles in one setting or get creative and break up into doable increments.
For example:

1mile 3x a day (of course adding 0.1mile within increments).

Your Journey

If 3.1 miles everyday is too much, start with 1mile per day and gradually work up to 3.1 miles daily. This is not a sprint but a marathon (not literally, lol)

Be Safe

Always be safe and adhere to your state's guidelines while outdoors.

Download Free Printable to monitor your progress and stay on track. 

Comment below to let us know you’re joining the challenge and progress!


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