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10 Must Haves for a Beach Day Getaway

Going to the beach is one of my favorite pastimes but I always forget to bring something I need. Whether you're in crystal blue waters in the Caribbean or taking the family to your nearest watering hole be sure to have everything you need to have an amazing beach experience!

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We are always in search of the perfect bathing suit! The best way to ensure you have comfort, style, and support while at the beach, be sure to shop in advance for swimwear. You can shop online or go to your local department store and try on many different styles until you find the one you love! Grab a few so you will always have a selection ready when it's time to go on vacation!


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100 - 3 fl oz
Though your melanin is popping, you're still not immune to the danger of sun-ray exposure. Be sure to protect your skin with a sunscreen with high SPF.  One of my favorite sunscreens to use is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100. It's light-weight, goes on sheer, has a 100 SPF, and comes in 3oz size perfect for travel!

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Beach Towel

After frolicking around in the ocean all day, you're definitely going to need a towel to dry off. While traveling I prefer to use my micro-fiber traveling towel I purchased from REI because it's less bulky than a beach towel and dries much quicker.

Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are awesome for lounging around in the sand or if you want to add comfort to a lounge chair while chilling at the beach. And if you're staying to watch the sunset, the beach blanket can keep you warm when the weather cools down.


Shades are stylish and practical. Again, you want to have as much protection as possible while out in the sun.  Pack your favorite shades to protect your eyes.

Bluetooth Speaker

You can easily turn a beach getaway into a beach party! Bring the entertainment to the beach with a pair of waterproof bluetooth speakers. You're guaranteed to add fun to your beach time.


While spending time out in the sun and swimming you can work up an appetite. Bring your favorite snacks on your trip to ensure you are not ravenous or hangry on your vacation. This will definitely save you time spent looking for food and money. Remember to stay hydrated as well!

 Baby Powder

Johnson's White Baby Powder with Cornstarch - 9oz, Size: 9 oz.
The least favorite part about visiting the beach is removing pesky sand from every part of your body. Rinsing off with water doesn't always do the trick! While living in Hawaii, I learned this little trick to removing sand was to use Baby powder! Just add powder and the sand literally falls off!

Card Games

If your with family and friends at the beach, it's a good idea to bring cards or your favorite board games to add more fun to your getaway. A good game of UNO is sure to keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Beach Bag

Now, what are you going to use to carry all your items in? That's correct, a beach bag! I typically use a small day pack while at the beach or while hiking and it's a great way to keep all my belongings organized and in one place.

What's your favorite thing you like to take to the beach?

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