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Simple Strategies To Find Glitch Fares aka Mistake Fares

Mistake fares are an excellent way to find cheap flightsKnowing which travel booking sites to search for mistake fares will help you easily find the best deal. Airfare Watchdog is one of the most popular sites for finding error fares, but other similar sites are also good to check for mistake fares.

Mistake Fare Fast Facts
• A mistake fare is an error in the price of a flight listing.
• To snag cheap flights, check mistake fare websites like Airfare Watchdog before you check your destination on Skyscanner.
• Airfare Watchdog maintains a list of the top 50 cheapest flights which can help identify possible searches you can complete on Skyscanner
• Travelers can use Secret Flying to identify possible mistake fares before they begin their search for flights on Skyscanner

• Using Skyscanner book flights in conjunction with searches on Scotts Cheap Flights can help you save on your ticket price

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Find Mistake Fares on Skyscanner

You’ll be happy to know you can find mistake fares without even leaving the site. If there are specific destinations you have in mind and are looking for a great deal, you can simply do a flight search on the web or app and set a price alert to be notified when the flight price drops.

Airfare Watchdog to find Mistake Fares, one of the top sites for finding secret flights, has a team of deal hunters who search for mistake fares. Airfare Watchdog maintains a list of the top 50 cheapest flights they’ve found.

Secret Flying

Another error fare finder you can use for locating the cheapest flights is Secret Flying. You can search for specific flights you’re interested in or browse the Trending and Latest Deals categories for great ideas on where to travel. If the Secret Flying website identifies what you think is a mistake fare then use Skyscanner to focus in on the best deal.

The Flight Deal

While most travel sites just show you the good deals, The Flight Deal has a separate category for bad deals. Under the Bad Deals category, the site warns you about flight booking scams and bad deals.
hey provide reasons, too, why they think a deal is a bad one. To find secret flights that are good deals, check under their Flight Deals category. Examples of good error fares that The Flight Deal has posted recently are $294 round-trip from Phoenix to Montreal, including all taxes; $231 round-trip from Dallas to Edmonton, including all taxes; and $510 round-trip from Portland to Glasgow, Scotland, including all taxes.
If you identify a flight route that you wish to investigate then use a Skyscanner search to see all options.

Scott’s Cheap Flights for Mistake Fares

Travelers can find mistake flights through Scott’s Cheap Flights with savings of an average of $600 per ticket. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to stay on top of the latest error fares. The downside of this mistake fare finder is that they only search for international flights. If you’re searching for a cheap domestic flight, you can still use Skyscanner to find the best deal.
Another difference of Scotts Cheap Flights is that they only show all deals to premium members, meaning you’ll have to pay for a membership to have access to all deals. According to their website, free subscribers are sent approximately one-third of the error fares they discover. It’s a useful site to point you in the right direction before you book cheap flights on Skyscanner.


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How to find cheap flights in May?

  • Be adventurous. Look for a deal rather than a destination.
  • Be a travel hacker. Travel during “unpopular” times – early morning, late evening.
  • Be an explorer. Consider departing outside of your regular airport.
  • Be a bargain hunter. Look at long layovers as a bonus destination.

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