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How To Save Money To Travel

Need a vacation, but don't think you can afford it? Is your bucket-list waiting to be checked off? Do you need some extra coins for a family staycation?

Whatever your travel desires are, below you will find four easy ways to save money for your next adventure.  

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Fail to plan, plan to Fail

Plan ahead for your much needed vacation. Decide where you want to go, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to save the amount needed. For example, if you plan one year in advance for a trip that cost $1,000 you will need to save $83 per month or under $20 per week. Doesn't appear as expensive when you spread it over 12 months. Search for cheap flights and travel during non-peak season to reduce the amount needed to save for your next trip! 

 No extra money? No problem! Check out  How to Make Money For Traveling


Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.~Dave Ramsey

The dreaded "B" word is one of those necessary evils we can't afford to overlook! Give your trip a name, i.e. Hawaii Vacation,  and create a specified line in you monthly budget. Determine the amount and frequency and start saving.

 How to Make a Monthly Budget


With a plan and budget, your dream vacation is closer to becoming a reality! Ally's Online Saving Account makes it easy to set-up as many accounts as needed without fees or minimum balances. Earning a hefty 2.2% interest,  you can generate passive income to spend on your trip.    In addition, set up direct deposit into your designated savings account and put your vacation on auto pilot.  


Want to save $500 in 30 days starting with $1? Join Organize Kaos Saving ChallengeA quick way to save the money needed for your next escape? If you continue the challenge for 12 months, that's 6,000 saved in one year! With that amount you can take several trips! 

Need Help Planning Your Next Trip, Hire Your Virtual Trip Advisor!

 So, where are you planning to go? Share below!

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