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Discover Her Story: When Africa Stole My Heart

Natalie in Cuba

March is Women's History Month! In honor of this month,  I would like to Feature and Promote phenomenal women making History. We all have a voice and a story to tell! Lift up your voice and be heard! Representing Travel and Healthcare,

Today's Feature is
Nathalie-Creator of Globetrotting Travel Nurse.
I met Natalie in 2017 on a Solo Trip to Cuba. Actually we were both visiting the Viñales Mural de la Prehistoria and I asked her to take this picture

Mural De La Prehistoria

Needless to say, our Globetrotting spirits connected! We exchanged numbers and stayed in touch. Little did I know when Nathalie was not traveling for pleasure, she's traveling to save lives!

About Nathalie 

My name is Nathalie and I am a Haitian American travel nurse that LOVES to travel! Hence the name, Globetrotting RN. My travels have been to over 10 countries and counting. My nursing career which started in 2011, has a taken me to both coasts of the United States and I’m not sure when or if I will stop. I am at the amazing age of 32 and I truly love to travel and create a life that I enjoy! 

When Africa Stole My Heart

Excerpt from Globetrotting Travel Nurse

Why Ghana and Nigeria, why not South Africa? Why did you choose West Africa instead of the other countries that are well known? I was asked this question by many races, ages, and genders. I 100% believe that as a Haitian American, I have West African roots. In addition, Africa has been on my mind since around my 30th birthday. Due to low planning and friends without passports, those dreams ended. Fast forward to year 32 and Africa was still on my mind. Therefore, I began making my plans early. I researched a few countries that I wanted to visit in West Africa and eventually narrowed my list down to Ghana and Nigeria. Choosing West Africa for my first visit was the best decision ever because this is how Africa stole my heart!

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