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Discover Her Story: Tysheira of Leave Inspired

Tysheira Creator of Leave Inspired
March is Women's History Month! In honor of this glorious celebration, I would like to Feature and Promote phenomenal Women making History! We all have a voice and a story to tell! Lift up your voice and be heard!!

Today's Feature is Tysheira- Creator of Leave Inspired, a blog dedicated to inspiration and encouraging  individuals to live their Best Life!

About Tysheira
 I became passionate about blogging after realizing that as an introvert, I had a lot to talk about. I’ve always been the person that everyone came to while enduring some sort hardship in life. I wanted to create my own platform to discuss the things that no one likes to talk about.
I am pursuing my MSW specializing in Mental Health. My goal is to become a Licensed Counselor Social Worker (LCSW) to help treat those that suffer from Mood and Anxiety Disorders. I am passionate about Mental Health and working on various ways to raise awareness and normalize it in the African American community.

Be prepared to Leave Inspired!

Transitions are Hard

Excerpt from Leave Inspired

Another morning session where I have smeared mascara because I have to talk about the difficulties of specific areas of my life. Discussing how I have spent the last three months just wanting to quit everything because of this season of transition and isolation. Not only have the last three months been hard, but this year alone was one of the toughest I’ve had. Literally could not catch a break, just one thing right after another and it all just continued to repeat. We all question it and I think we will for the rest of our lives, “why do bad things happen to good people?”
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