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Ghana Year of Return: 15 Things To Know Before You Go!

After receiving my Ancestry DNA results, 

I decided to plan a Solo Trip to the Motherland. West Africa was in my sights, but I didn't know what Country I wanted to visit. After extensive research and connecting with other fellow solo travelers on Facebook Travel Groups, I decided to book a Trip to Ghana with Ghana Dipci Tours. 

I’ve put together some traveler tips for those planning a trip to Ghana for the "Year of Return," the 400th to commensurate  the arrival of captured Africans to the U.S. In remembrance of this monumental date, Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo declared and formally launched the "Year of Return, Ghana 2019" for Africans in the Diaspora. 


5 Must Reads For A Dose of Black Girl Magic!

Yay, Spring is here! Let's face it, we all can use some motivation to get this season cranked n gear! It's been a long winter and I'm looking forward to warm weather, long vacations, maxi dresses, and flip-flops!

Speaking of long vacations, I'm always searching for a good read to get me through long layovers and extended flights.  

No matter your hue, the Melanated Goddesses below will sprinkle some black girl magic in your life to lift your spirits just in time for the new season!


Discover Her Story: When Africa Stole My Heart

Natalie in Cuba

March is Women's History Month! In honor of this month,  I would like to Feature and Promote phenomenal women making History. We all have a voice and a story to tell! Lift up your voice and be heard! Representing Travel and Healthcare,

Today's Feature is
Nathalie-Creator of Globetrotting Travel Nurse.
I met Natalie in 2017 on a Solo Trip to Cuba. Actually we were both visiting the Viñales Mural de la Prehistoria and I asked her to take this picture

Mural De La Prehistoria


No Visa Required for U.S. Travelers Visiting Brazil

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Earlier this week in Brazil Expected to drop Visa Requirements This Year no set timeline was announced as to when visa requirements would be dropped.

Today it's been reported that as of June 17, 2019 U.S. travelers can visit Brazil Visa-Free!


Discover Her Story: Tysheira of Leave Inspired

Tysheira Creator of Leave Inspired
March is Women's History Month! In honor of this glorious celebration, I would like to Feature and Promote phenomenal Women making History! We all have a voice and a story to tell! Lift up your voice and be heard!!

Today's Feature is Tysheira- Creator of Leave Inspired, a blog dedicated to inspiration and encouraging  individuals to live their Best Life!


Southwest Flights To Hawaii Have Begun!


Anyone that  knows me know that Hawaii is my favorite place to visit in the World! When I quit my job in 2015, I moved to Hawaii!

 Travel Scientist: Hawaii


Travel Deal: Cheap Flights from Miami International to Punta Cana From $189 RT

Dominican Republic 
Find the cheapest month to travel from Miami International to Punta Cana


Brazil Expected to Drop Visa Requirements This Year!

Christ The Redeemer Statue

Organize Kaos Is Traveling to Brazil!

I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful beaches of Rio De Janeiro, witness the marvelousness of Christ the Redeemer, and experience the culture of the 2nd largest black population in the world next to Nigeria, but was deterred by the high cost and strict Visa requirements for US citizens.

Well, the day may soon come where it’s much easier to visit Brazil!


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