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Dating & Travel: How to find Travel Bae for your next Baecation!

Panama City Beach

"Never Let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you!"

For the past 3 years,  I've been living out of a suit case. It's difficult to find and cultivate a relationship when your only in town for a few months.  Solo travel has been amaze-balls! I love the freedom to do what I want, when I want. However,  after a year on the go I began to wonder what it would be like to plan a baecation, have someone carry my bags, have a personal photographer,  someone to open the uber door, and rub my ass on the beach!

Bae (bey) 


an affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc.:love you, bae.

Ready, Set, Go!

Before you embark on the hunt (lol), BE Clear and SET your Intentions! What are you looking for? One-night stand? Husband? Life-partner? Local lover? Whatever your heart desires (no judgement) be focused. Define your terms and rules of  engagement so no one can do it for you. Once I returned to Atlanta from California, I decided to seek a life partner to travel with. Be specific!

Online dating.

With the popularity of social media and online dating apps such as Tinder,  OK Cupid, and , you have the luxury to connect with a potential suitor from your backyard or from across the Globe!  I originally thought Tinder was just for hooking- up however, when in a new city it's a great tool to see whose available locally. I opted to sign-up for a six month subscription to to search for Travel Bae. Though not successful, I did get good practice in the dating game.

Be open to new ideas and Love,  and Always be Smart and Safe.

Airport Pimping!

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Be Prepared!

The airport is a great place to meet future mate.
You both travel and who knows you may be going to the same destination. Between Airport Lounges, Airport Staff (travel benefits), Airplane seat mates........ You spend a considerable amount of time in confined spaces with Strangers. No matter how you travel....plane,boat,train,or bus be on the lookout for the One!

Stay Ready!

While traveling, there's a tendency to be as comfortable as possible.  But you may not get noticed with a du-rag and flip-flops on. Try comfy-chic! A stylish head wrap and scarf (can also double as a blanket on long cold flights) can go a long way.  Still comfortable, yet stylish,  just in case Mr. Right is at the gate.  Once en route to Miami Beach, I was asked on a date by a guy headed to Miami to celebrate his Birthday.


Make where you stay during your travels strategic! Airbnb and Hostels are a great way to meet people. Airbnb provide the option to stay with someone who can double as a personal guide and/or  suggest specific events where to meet singles in that area.  Traditionally, hostels offer organized social activities and make it very convenient to make new friends.  If your not into  dorm style accommodation most hostels provide private rooms at affordable budget-friendly rates.  While In Miami, I stayed at Ocean Blue Hostel directly below a groovy lounge and above a happening nightclub. All guest of Ocean Blue Hostel received free alcoholic drinks and discounted meals at the restaurant on the bottom level.  I met a really dope DJ from Russia and a fellow solo traveler from Atlanta.


You don't have to leave home to travel. Take the opportunity to explore your home town like a tourist. Festival and concerts are a great way to meet singles in your area.  You can also plan a picnic in the park or visit your local museum.  FYI, men love to frequent cigar bars as well as car and bike shows. 

Staycations are a great way to meet someone who loves doing what you're doing without the pressure of going out on a date.

Group travel.


Join a Facebook Travel Community!

Though I  prefer to travel solo, occasionally I'll go on a trip organized by a few of my favorite travel groups  such as:  

 Nomadness Travel Tribe
 We Love Exploring

It's the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and explore new things. Though I traveled to  Ghana solo, I booked my tours with  Ghana Dipci Tour on Facebook.  I was paired with six other travelers during parts of my Return To Africa Meetup!

After 3 years of rediscovering myself, I’ve finally found my travel bae.

See you on your next Baecation!

Love and Live Free!!!!


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