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Reclaim Your Life: 4 Lessons Learned When Life doesn't go as Expected!

"In order to strive for a remarkable life,
you have to decide that you want one."
-Debbie Millman 

East Oa

As I hiked 1,048 stairs to the top of KoKo Head aka  Koko Crater (above) on the east side of Oahu, I reflected on life events that lead me to Hawaii.
I was at a crossroads! 

Have you ever arrived at a place in your life that was not where you expected?

What now? 

4 Lessons Learned When Life Doesn't Go As Expected!  


 Remind yourself that you are awesome!  Though things didn't go as expected, you're the creator of your destiny. You're in control of your life. You can't control others or outcomes but you can control how you Respond to them. Your perspective is paramount to your ability to choose what path you decide to follow. You can opt to be stuck at the crossroads of life never making a turn or you can reassess and choose the next route. I was heartbroken. I'd lost my husband, uncle, and home within a few months. My husband didn't deserve me! My uncle was in a better place and I will always have fond memories of what an amazing man he was. He would have wanted me to live. I'm going to honor his name and memory with a purposeful life. Losing the house was a blessing! I no longer had to deal with the burden of being a long distance landlord, tenants, mortgage, and unexpected repairs. I could rediscover my Passion without bondage.


Rediscover your passions! Tap into your inner soul and find something that makes you want to rise like the morning Sun. I've always wanted to travel and see the world but circumstances wouldn't allow it. They always remained tucked deep in the recesses of my mind. But when life threw me lemons, I made lemonade. I began to ponder what would I do if I had no fear? 

I Quit my job, packed my bags, and moved to Hawaii!
I took a  contract position at Molokai General Hospital as a Travel Clinical Laboratory Scientist. That marked the beginning of my new discovery! 


I evolved into a new woman in Hawaii!  Ironically,  I  lived there for nine months! Hawaii became my womb and the 9 month gestational period  rebirth a new me. Molokai is a magical place that provided a nurturing peace, calm, and love I needed to heal from life woes. In those 9 months, I was provided with love, peace, harmony, and Ohana (family).
Once the rebirth had occurred, it was time to reinvent myself. I decided to combine my love for my craft as a Clinical laboratory Scientist and my love for travel and create a new lifestyle called "WORKCATION." The workcation afforded me the freedom and flexibility to work short periods of time to sustain resources to travel as frequently as I wanted. 


The transformation and metamorphosis had begun. What started as an unfortunate situation morphed into a new beautiful beginning in life. I was starting to live again. This time,  more empowered and enlightened than ever before. I began to rebuild the broken pieces of my life to  start anew. The beauty of brokenness is the opportunity to rebuild the life you've always wanted. Taking one piece at a time, one moment at a time, one day at a time until you've built the life you desire and deserve. The vicissitudes of life come and go but the courage to rise out the fire bold and brave is what makes life worth living. The ability to give others hope who have lost hope. To give love to those who have been hurt. The ability to create that which has been destroyed in life! Hawaii sparked the beginning of my new life. I then ventured throughout the South Pacific exploring Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia!

Who knows where I would have been if I would have remained stuck at that crossroad of life never making a turn and never moving forward! I'm glad I moved forward! No matter what hand life deals you, play your hand and come out a champion!

R.I.P. Billy Wilder



We Love 2 Hike said...

I love this, especially about the rebirthing into a new woman after being in Hawaii for nine months. #Dope

sapphirestarr said...

Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback!

Marcus said...

Great life advice! I say you are quite courageous to make such change in your life! :)

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