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Write Your 10!

Reading an article in Inc. Magazine, I was inspired to write this post. Napolean Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote one of the fundamentals to success is knowing what you want. Simple right? Key word is fundamental. Of course success requires more than wanting it, you must invest time, money, and energy and must be willing to work hard , be committed, sacrifice, etc. The key principle is Desire. Henry Ford wrote, If you think you can, if you think you can't, your right! You are what you think, you can have your heart's desire. If your constantly complaining I'm broke, I'm fat, I'm skinny, I can't take care of these kids, I'll never get into that school, I'll never have that job, I can't find a good man/women, you subconsciously train yourself into to believing and accepting facts as your fate. The tongue has the power to kill or the power to give life-Proverbs 18:21. Today write down 10 things you want to accomplish and everyday say them out loud, plan a course of action, and live your life in a such a way to make these goals become obtainable. Nothing is Impossible!
My 10
  1. Go on a Mission Trip.

  2. Travel the U.S.

  3. Obtain Master's Degree

  4. Send Danni to prestigious college

  5. Start a Business (travel, natural health and beauty products, women's boutique)

  6. Save at least a million

  7. Run/Walk Marathon (Boston Marathon) or Participate in Triathlon

  8. Become a Mentor

  9. Become HIV/AIDS Activist

  10. Move out of Savannah,GA

Leave a comment, share your 10!



J. Thompson said...

My 10 is similar with the exception of a few items. I look forward to seeing others...

sapphirestarr said...

J.T., thanks for stopping by. There is definitely more to come.

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