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The Seven Habits of Happy People

Your happiness is tied to your faith and your attitude. You have the ability to determine how you react and respond when life challenges are thrown your way, literally! I reflect on the old adage,"When life gives your lemons, you make lemonade." You possess the tools necessary to live a fulfilled life. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, use what you have to your advantage. Life is like a card game, you can't control the cards you are dealt, but you can control how you play with what you have and win. Despite hardship, pain, affliction, suffering, declare today that you are going to live your life to the fullest! I was reading an article in the July issue of Essence magazine (Gabrielle Union on the cover), Your pursuit of happiness by Michelle Burford. Listed below is the seven habits of happy people highlighted in article. It is definitely a start to living your life to its full capacity.
1.Hang out with joyful people.
2.Move consistently toward your goals.
3.Meditate on your blessings.
4.Be good to yourself.
6.Go to church-any church.
7.Give-and forgive.

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Biz Buzz Thursday- "Starting a Business"

Start-up Business Basics
Step 1: Is My Business Idea Feasible?
Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions.......

Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Many people feel that they only lack the money to start or only need help with the legal and tax issues, but these are just a few of the considerations entrepreneurs need to address. The following are a few questions every new entrepreneur should consider. When answering these questions, think of an example.

Do I have confidence and optimism about my ability to overcome obstacles?
Do I accept responsibility for my actions?
Do I like being in charge?
Am I able to function in an environment of uncertainty?
Am I able to motivate and inspire people?
Am I an effective salesperson?
Am I a fair negotiator?
Do I understand my own limitations and know when I need to ask for help?
Am I easily discouraged?
Am I willing to devote whatever time and energy it takes to be successful?
Is the risk of my financial assets worth the expected rewards?
Do I have a history of success at things to which I am committed?
Do I have a strong support group of family and friends?

Next Week-" Researching Your Market"

The Worth of a Mom

A study recently conducted by Edelman Financial Services tried to identify the many occupations that a typical mother might be said to hold over the course of a year. The researcher also examined salary data supplied by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade groups, and human resource and staffing firms. Putting all the information together, Edelman estimated that a mother's worth is approximately $507,000 per year! Here is a breakdown of the various tasks typically performed by a mother and the corresponding median salaries:

Animal Caretaker....$17,500
Executive Chef....$40,000
Computer Systems Analyst....$44,000
Financial Manager....$39,000
Food/Beverage Service Worker....$20,000
General Office Clerk....$19,000
Registered Nurse....35,000
Management Analyst....$41,000
Childcare Worker....$13,000
Bus Driver....$32,400
Elementary School Principal....$58,600
Property Manager....$22,600
Social Worker....$30,000
Recreation Worker....$15,500
Baking warm cookies for an after-school snack.....Priceless
Giving a hug, a smile, a word of encouragement....Priceless

There are some things money just can't buy! While Edelman's research may have been on the right track, the truth is that a mother's worth is incalculable.

Talk Money Tuesday- Setting Goals

Be careful what you wish for and how you plan to get it, or you won't. You can succeed in reaching your goals for building wealth for your lifetime use and passing it along to your heirs. But, in order to do it, you'll need to do things a bit differently from most people. Don't sit and wait for opportunity to come knocking, go look for Mr.Opportunity or create your own. If you ask wealthy people how they got that way, "They were determined to meet their financial goals". In order to direct your determination where it will help you the most, you must first identify what you have now. Assuming you've done that, the next step is to set your goals for the future.

Visualizing the Goal
What's the best way to set goals that will help motivate you to achieve your personal financial wants and needs? A purely monetary goal may not be a very powerful motivator: Most of us need to focus on tangible items or tangible benefits. One of thee first steps in goal setting is finding a concrete goal or goals that motivate us emotionally. How about that classic black Mercedes Benz, a brand new home, Cruise around the world. Spend a day or two making up a list of the things you've always wanted, and prioritize them. You'll probably find that you have some short-terms goals and some long-term goals. An example of a short-term goal might be creating a vacation fund to support your vacation plans for the next year. Example of long-term goals would include retirement planning objectives. Whatever it is, make sure these are your goals, not someone else. Once you have come up with the goals, do enough research on your goal so that you know it "inside and out". Imagine at least once a day how it would be to have your goal, and how your life would be improved by having it. If the goal can be represented by a picture, keep one or more pictures where you're bound to notice them.

Measuring the Goal
How to make your goal measurable, you need resources. How close you are to having the money to pay this price is a convenient way to measure your progress toward reaching your actual goal. In order to make your goals measurable, we suggest two steps: reducing your goals to a monetary amount and setting a deadline to reach the goal. Put it in writing. Be sure to keep your written goal somewhere where your are sure to see it. What will it take to reach your savings goal? Clink the link below and use the Savings Goal Calculator to help you find out. Enter in your savings plan and view graphically your financial results.

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