Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gemini Gypsy Tales :Molokai, Hawaii

             Year 2015       
Molokai, also known as the Friendly Isle, is one of 8 Hawaiian islands in the central Pacific. On the island's Kalaupapa Peninsula is a steep path leading to Kalaupapa National Historical Park, an isolated former leper colony below the towering cliffs.  Nearby, the park's Phallic Rock is said to have fertility powers. Molokai is a magical untouched paradise with only one street light and average 7500 inhabitants. I lived on Molokai for nine months and it was one of the most amazing experience of my life.
Welcome to Molokai! I definitely was off the grid on this Friendly Isle!

Halawa Valley on the East side of the Island

I frequently Island Hopped to Oahu, Kauai, and Maui when I wasn't working.

Molokai from the Sky!

Aloha Festival

Aloha Yoga overlooking the Pacific

Murphy's Beach (East side of Island). On a clear day you can look across the ocean and see the Island of Lanai.

Sunset at Papohaku Beach Park (West side of Island)

I spent a lot of time hiking with new friends!

Kalaupapa Valley (Lepers Colony)

Spending time with co-workers/friends  at Kanemitsu in the town of Kaunakakai.

Kalaupapa Lookout and Phallic Rock

Day 1: Molokai Airport

Molokai General Hospital where I worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist! So much love in this place!

You can't visit Molokai without tasting the famous Molokai Hot Bread! ONO (good)!

After work hangout at The Wharf!

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