Saturday, October 11, 2014


Look up in the sky, its a bird no a plane
No its Sirius B bringing the pain
No pain but peace, love, and harmony
Saving the world while trying to save me
One test tube at a time 
My methodic personality turns melodic As I orbit the universe 
 Illuminating greatness 
Thinking myself into impossibilities 
While on a  mission to Haiti 
 I'm the sum of my parts 
 Complex plus Concrete equals complete 
 Analytical  plus spiritual equals militant thoughts to be all I can be 
 Be the change you want to see 
And Sirius B will Be 
 I'm going with the flow as I flow on this tree 
 The tree of life my gift to humanity 

Created by God Beautifully , Wonderfully!
Take a trip down memory lane 
 Back dirty alleyways 
 Projects projected crushed dreams 
 Can it be a possibility to leave? 
Hope unseen! 

Carrying baby girl on my hip, I walked a fine line created by society 
 Tried to make me a statistic 
But I'm a mystic surviving Darwin's evolution
My revolution is to tell my story to little girls who lost their glory On the way down to the corner store. 
 I need a job to feed this baby, A ride to get this education 
Mis-educated misguided from the truth But it put food on the table 
 Ghetto girl, ghetto girl where does your secret lie? 
No lie, I'm a survivor getting back to me Beautifully, Wonderfully. 
 Eight bars raising the bar illuminating a pathway For little girls to see their glory 

Chile Glory me, I need him to rescue me
Survivor surviving turn tough but beneath lies a sweet savory story 
My femininity needs masculinity 
oh come taste and see 
Like a watermelon I'm hard on the outside 
But cut the rhyme in time you will see how sweet my fruit can be 

Seasons change nothing stays the same
Rapid heart beats flutter with passion and pain
 Energy transformed witness my transformation 
Complex Concrete Sweet 
Webster can't define me 
I'll be who I'll be all for the love of humanity 
Look up in the sky what do you see 
See a better you for eternity!


Judy said...

Hi Beautiful Child of Mine. Such a wonderful poem and slice of divine life. Thank you so much for just being you. Auntie Judy loves you

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