Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Small Steps to Financial Freedom

Recently, my husband and I decided to come up with a new plan to get out of debt a little faster. When something works well for you I think you should share it with others. Here is a piece of the article we posted to our blog. Hope you all find it helpful.

...Our plan is to 1. write down all bills, 2. write down all expenses (groceries, eating out, gas, etc.), 3. pinpoint unnecessary expenses, 4. take the extra money from unnecessary expenses and have an automatic draft into another account. The goal is to minimize spending & maximize saving and investing. We've done steps 1, 2, & 3. Boy could we eat out less. If we stick to our plan maybe one day we'll be on the Dave Ramsey show yelling into the phone, "We're debt free!!!" (

The key to achieving anything is to write it down and begin envisioning yourself reaching that goal. Seeing your goals on paper does something mentally. It helps goals seem more real and helps you keep your focus.

Challenge: Take a goal, any goal, and write it down. Outline steps for reaching that goal and come up with a realistic timeline.

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