Monday, February 23, 2009

The Word for Today: Posturing

Do you ever really sit and think about the decisions you’ve made in life? Do you find yourself asking, “what if?” If you could turn back the hands of time, would you change anything? For many of us, there have been decisions and events that have taken place that we wish we could somehow change or take back. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. But, there is hope for the future. Now is the time where you can take a stand to posture yourself to being a better person. This means that from now on, you must be conscious of the decisions you make and be fully aware the consequences that may follow you. Not sure of where I’m going with this, let me paint you a portrait…..

You have a little boy who grew up not knowing his father and some would say at that point of his life, the odds have already been stacked against him. Well, God surely must work in mysterious ways because in spite of his father’s absence, his mother, grandmother, and grandfather step in to give him the best upbringing possible. Of course, there would be times when the rambunctious sides would come with raising a boy. But, the three most important people in his life would definitely make sure that he stayed on the right path and out of trouble. As time would go by, this boy would grow to become a man who attends one of the most prestigious universities in the country where he would be the first African-American leader of their law review. Continuing on this path, he decides that he wants to make a difference in the community where he works and ultimately meets his future wife, has two beautiful children, runs for the State Senate (losing the first time, but persevering on the second try), runs for the U.S. Senate, and finally running for President. People said that he wasn’t experienced and thought for sure that he would become an afterthought when Hillary Clinton became the presumed presidential candidate. I’ll bet they’re kicking themselves now because when he won the Iowa caucus, people began to change their minds about this little boy who grew up without a father. Every day, he worked tirelessly to spread his message of change and never once did he waver or tarry in doing good. Even when he was chosen as the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, his opposition clearly doubted him. They tried to do as much mudslinging as possible and you know what….those suckers couldn’t find a thing on him. Do you know why? Because the three most important people in his life began posturing him in the beginning to be the best man that he could possibly be. Think about it. Did you ever hear of any extramarital affairs throughout his campaign? Was there ever any mention of him not filing his taxes for any number of years? Did this man have any other children outside of his marriage? The answer is…! Where is this man today? Naturally, he’s our 44th President of the United States. And, I say naturally because that is what God and posturing will do for your life.

I know that you come from some of the toughest neighborhoods. You had a baby at a young age and now you feel like life is over. Other people are telling you that you can forget about college because your life is no longer your own. Your homegirls or homeboys are telling you that there are no good men, or women, out there and that you should use what you have to get what you want. And, some men have the nerve to tell you just settle on what you have because you’ll never get anything better. Do you know what I have to say to that? To hell with all of that!!!!! Yes, you’ve made some decisions that weren’t very sound in judgment at the time, but you can still posture yourself into the person you’ve always dreamed to be. All is not lost when it comes to your life. If you don’t have the support of your family or friends, that’s okay. Sometimes, the people that are closest to you won’t understand the changes that are taking place within you. Maybe, there’s a teacher, mentor, church member, or a family member that can help steer in the right direction and posture you into being an exemplary man or woman of God. The time is now to make a change, change that we dream of, and change we can most certainly believe in. Stand up tall, look yourself in the mirror, and revel in the beauty of what you’re seeing because today is the day that you get to know the person you are and let go of the person you used to be. Look into your eyes and see how they light up when you think of the possibility of actively pursuing your dreams. Who your family and friends thought you were is no more. Who you are in the future is just inches away from your grasp. Take hold because after today, you’ll never be the same again.

And thank you, Mr. Barack Obama, or shall I say, Mr. President, for showing all of us that we really can be anything that we want in this world. It’s no longer a cliché. It’s real and in the hands of God, it’s been written.

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