Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Job Tips to Survive the Recession

In today's looming economy, your confidence in finding a job may be lagging. Don't despair, you can still find a job during tough economic downturns by changing your perspective of the current job market. According to an article on Career Builder written by Joe Turner, the following five tips can increase your chances of finding a job and improve your job search strategy.

1.Research your options
Reevaluate your current job market and determine if a career change is necessary for success. Do an online search of top performing job industries. Perform keyword searches on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Also go to http://www.dol.gov/, to get update information on occupations, statistical data for job outlooks, and education requirements for specific careers. Also find advice through employment sites such as Career Builders, Monster, Headhunters, or Yahoo Hot Jobs.

2.Change Your Focus
Don't focus on what an employer can do for you, rather focus on what you have to offer a company. Ask yourself, "Why should this company hire me?" Be prepared to present your past experience and how your abilities can improve production of the current potential employer.
According to Turner, "You should show them that you understand the macroeconomics of the role you play in moving the company forward."

3.Sell Results, not skills
When applying for a job with the Federal government, you must add a KSA (Knowledge,Skills, Abilities) statement along with resume. Your knowledge demonstrate your understanding of policy and procedures, skills demonstrates educational background acquired and abilities are your past experience to carry a specific task out. Take that a step further and highlight your results-what you've used your knowledge,skills and abilities to accomplish. Define your past and present job accomplishment and how it would be an asset to the new employer.

4.Money Talks
Because of the conditions of the economy, hiring managers today are looking for two types of employees,
A) Ones who makes money
B) Ones that save money
Which one are you?

5.Add Specific Key Words, Achievements, and Training to your resume.
Adding keywords specific to target job market is very critical for a successful resume. Most HR use software that scan resumes to eliminate ones that are not specific to target job posting and selections of resumes that best fit advertised qualification. Spruce up your resume with your achievements and training. Be specific and target those accomplishments that have improve the bottom line of your previous company. Illustrate what you can do and how your proven yourself in the past. Also add any additional training you've acquired which illustrates your imitative and ability to stay competent regarding issues that will improve the quality of your performance.

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