Friday, August 15, 2008

Family Fun: Georgia Aquarium

Family Fun: Georgia Aquarium
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In Successful Families, one key component to building a successful family is planning family events. Planning family events is the best way to strengthen family bonds. Last weekend, Ms. T and I spent an entire weekend with our kids at the Georgia Aquarium. We stayed at the Omni Suites at the CNN Center. The location was perfect, we were walking distance from the aquarium and minutes away from all downtown Atlanta had to offer. The view was spectacular we can see Centennial Park directly from our suite. Our day started early at the aquarium; we ventured in with curious eyes waiting to explore the wonders of the sea. My favorite exhibit was Cold Water Quest where the Beluga whales, California sea lions, sea otters and African black-footed penguins reside. The kids were excited to see their favorite characters from the movie, Finding Nemo and the Ocean Voyager Exhibit where the large whale shark are kept (largest fish species in the world). After an exciting, long, hot, day we ventured into the park where the kids cool down in the Centennial Park fountain. By the time we arrived back to our suite, the kids were exhausted. By nightfall it was mommy time! We decided to see the movie, Dark Knight. The movie was great and filled with action, mystery, suspense, and chaos all together to make the best batman movie ever. Everyone had a really good time! The trip was definitely family friendly because we were able to satisfy the curiosity of the little ones, entertain two teenagers, and give peace of mind to the parents. Family time not only strengthen bonds, it leaves a lasting imprint on every one involved. We had the opportunity to learn something new and were given the chance to communicate about our experience with each other. Spending time with my daughter is top priority. I want to spend as much time with her for as long as she enjoys hanging with me. Before long she will be off to college when it would no longer be cool to hang out with mom (at 15, it’s probably not cool but she doesn’t have a choice, lol). Even though we will not always be together, the memory of our experience will last forever.

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