Sunday, July 27, 2008

FaithFul Sunday-"Listening to the Word"

The Audio Bible

If you continue in my word . . . you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."
-- Jesus (John 8:31-32 RSV)
Have you wanted to read through the entire Bible cover to cover, but felt it was just to big of a task to undertake. Or have you started reading, only to find yourself without the time necessary to sit and read. Maybe your eyes are too weak, or you just tire easily. The audio Bible solves may of these problems for you. It even allows you to listen to the Bible while your are working around the house, driving in your car, or working out at the gym. You will find there are many times during your week when your hands are busy, but your mind can be fed spiritually. I find it very useful on my 1hr commute to and from work. What better way to take advantage of the 2hrs I spend in my car while avoiding road rage. You can check out Audio books from your local library, or purchase audio bibles such as The Bible Experience, an audio performance of 80 African American celebrities (such as Denzel Washington & Blair Underwood) reading, singing, and playing music inspired by the bible experience from Genesis to Revelation. To listen to the bible on your PC, check out

Knowledge is Power and Love Conquers All!

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Anonymous said...

im glad im not the only one with that problem

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