Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Want to plan a fun and relaxing getaway on a small budget, allow the DIVA HEROES to show you how. Recently my cousin, Angel, and I decided to take a girlfriend getaway to Virginia Beach, VA. It was the perfect opportunity to relieve stress and escape from life's everyday worries. The DIVA HEROES dynamic trio- Sapphire (Sexy Diva), Angel (Comfy Diva), and Niece (Super Diva)-would like to guide you on a journey to Planet Havefunspendless while fighting evil forces of Mr.Testosterone, Highgas Man, and Sir. Stressalot.

1.Plan Ahead- The Internet is filled with travel sites that can help you plan your next trip at discount prices. Now, to avoid spending too much time wandering the Web, head for, which fetches fares from more than 140 sources. Looking for ways to find affordable airline tickets checkoutYAPTA, which finds flights, track prices on trips, and send email alerts when prices drop. Some of our other personal favorites are Travelocity, Priceline, and Cheap Tickets.

2.Vacation Close to Home- The high cost of airfare is enough to eat up any budget. If flying is not an option, consider destination where you can drive. We decided to gas up my cousin's 4-Cylinder KIA and hit 95 north. It only cost $30 bucks to fill up! Save on gas prices, by visiting a price monitoring site. Go online to find the best deal on your route.

3.Have fun, be spontaneous!-Pick up a city guide and explore budget friendly activities. Grab your camera and take a walk on the beach, pack a lunch and visit the state park, or go roller skating. Yes, I said roller skating! It rained the entire time we were in Virginia. Roller skating is a great way for amateurs or pros to have fun and burn calories for less than $10 bucks. Not to mention we stayed dry! We also saved money by renting a movie, popping popcorn, and drooled over hot lead guy in the movie 300 .

4.Shopping- Ladies a vacation would not be complete without shopping. Its possible to get great items and spend sensibly. Shop at the local outlet stores where you can find brand name, quality items for half the price of the mall. Before you splurge on the first item you spot go check out the clearance section. You may see something similar if not better than what you saw in the store window and at 50% less. Lastly set a predetermine shopping budget and leave credit card at home. If you plan to spend only 100.00, take cash out the bank and place money in a envelope.

5.Dining-Before going out to your favorite restaurant check out their website for discounts and coupons, also at you can find printable coupons and codes for dozens of eateries. Pick up a restaurant guide for budget-friendly suggestions. At you can get a 25 gift card certificate to local restaurants for only $10.

6.Relax! Remember the purpose of the getaway is to unwind. Get a massage to relax muscles from driving, shopping, and the reality of returning home. I got a wonderful 1hr Swedish massage from Zen Massage for only $39.95! Check out their website for a location near you at

OK ladies, DIVA HEROES saves the day! We've given you power to take over stress and defeat the evil forces of life challenges. Stay tuned for more DIVA HEROES Adventures..................


Anonymous said...

You know what, this advice came right on time. I am trying to plan a trip for me and a couple of my girlfriends for my birthday and this info was so helpful.
Thanks, Geneva

Tony OH said...

Whew... I thought for a minute you were gonna be talking about a Staycation! That made word for I'm to broke to

It's so funny how white folks always try to make misery sound luxurious!

So will I see you on T.V with the next travel show?

Intimate Outings of Love

sapphirestarr said...

Well Tony, stay tuned you never know where you may see The DIVA HERO'S. We're gonna travel the World helping other DIVAS fight our evil nemesis, Mr. Testerone, Highgas Man, and Sir. StressAlot.

Comfy Diva said...

Phire, it looks great and is funny too. I guess it's funny to me cause I was there LOL (Comfy Diva to the rescue!)

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