Sunday, June 22, 2008

FaithFul Sunday-"Rebuilding after Destruction"

Circumstances occur that may destroy our faith, self-esteem, confidence, ability to progress. Divorce, Loss of Loved one, job loss, etc. What took years to build may be snatch or destroyed over night without warning. What do you do? What does it take?In the book of Ezra we are given an illustration of what it took for the children of Israel to rebuild the Temple of God. We can model this illustration and make it applicable to our lives.

We must 1st face the pain of our past. (Ezra 2)-Exiles Returned Back to Jerusalem
We must have resources (Ezra 3)- they gave money for supplies, as authorized by King Cyrus
Be committed (Ezra 4:4)-Despite opposition they continued to build, "they hired counselors to work against them and frustrate their plans"
Be diligent (Ezra 5)
Authority(Ezra 5:9)-when asked, "who authorized you to rebuild", they responded, We are the children of God and we are rebuilding the temple" Know your purpose, Write the vision!
Be Patient (Ezra 6:13)-The Temple was rebuild in 31 years.

Begin Today to rebuild your life using the stumbling blocks as a foundation to build again. In difficulty lies opportunity, not forgetting our loss instead learning from life trials and move forward. For every vision, God will provide provision! Trust in God and He will give you peace!The lost of a loved one is never easy and you should never feel you have to forget. Instead Live to carry their legacy to the next generation.

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